The next challenge

Greenland south - north. 2.400 km on ice and snow.

Greenland 2018

South-North crossing 2.400k

Narsaq - Qaanaaq


Our next challenge takes us back to Greenland to try a journey of more than 2,400 km. The idea is to start at the southern end of the island, in the small settlement of Narsaq to end at Qaanaaq, at the north-west end of the island. To cover this distance in a reasonable time we will advance with snow kites, using them as sails taking advantage of the katabatic winds. This crossing has been made in few opportunities due to the great distance to cover in this so inhospitable environment.

This will be our 3rd expedition in Greenland and our 6th incursion into the polar territory. After having reached the North and South poles, as well as having crossed Greenland from East to West, we feel we have enough experience to face this challenge.


Tentative route


Preparing for the expedition Greenland 2018

...More important that to think how far we have come
is to never stop moving forward...

Haugastøl, Norway

Training and Preparation

For the past three winters we have visited the frozen lakes of Norway in the Haugastøl region, to learn the snow-kite technique and train for this expedition. To travel this great distance we hope to move always using the kites and the action of the katabatic winds. Unlike other expeditions, this time we hope not to walk or ski at all, only sailing !. In an average day with relatively good winds you can move 100km or more, while skiing and a with a great effort it is difficult to maintain an average of 30km a day.

Greenland 2008

East-West crossing

Nagtivit - Kangerlussuaq


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In 2008 we made the crossing from Nagtivit, on the east coast of Greenland, to Kangerlussuaq on the west coast. We used parawings, kite-like sails, but less efficient. In that expedition we had to cover a distance of about 650km, so that we were prepared to go on skis when the winds were not favorable. We did not have many good days to use the parawings, because much of the crossing we had the katabatic winds against us, however in one day of good winds we managed to do more than 90km in 7 hours. In this next expedition, we hope to be able to advance many more kilometers and to be able to move with the kites all the time, taking advantage of greater ranges of wind.

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